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ICE raid targets University of Northern Virginia


Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents raided the Annandale offices of the University of Northern Virginia on Thursday and notified the school it may lose its authorization to admit foreign students.
UNVA now has 30 days to show it is conforming with federal rules for administering student visas. The school can still hold classes, but will be blocked from accepting new international students. The school has 2,300 students enrolled and 90 percent are from India.
University of Northern Virginia students who have questions about how the situation affects them can call the ICE International Student and Visitor Exchange Program response center at 703-603-3400. ICE has also setup up a web page ( with information for students.
One key difference this time as opposed to the Tri Valley situation is that it appears that procedures are being followed to allow UNVA students to maintain their student status and transition to other schools or statuses.

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